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Depending on your risk tolerance, we use our proprietary research to obtain an appropriate investment return.

In this investment climate, seniors should seek a relatively safe return as they may be unable to recover from a substantial loss of capital as a result of risky investments. Our advice should enable you to sleep soundly at night.

Call us at 212-797-5400 and we will match up return based on risk tolerance, as well as properly coordinate your estate planning for you and your family.


1. Conservative investing to obtain [currently] 3%-6% income return from liquid AAA large cap companies in the US with growing dividend history

2. Special communications and ‘get together’ with the adult children of the clients. Also, possible communications with prospective executrix, and/or executors prior to drafting of the estate and financial package, including, but not limited to, Last Wills and Testaments, Living Wills, Health Proxies, Powers of Attorney, Trusts (Living or Irrevocable), Long-Term Care Insurance analyses (including Two-Bucket approach, AAA insurance companies, inflation riders, 3-5 year coverage, semi-annual asset review)

3. Pre-Nuptial and/or Post-Nuptial Agreements, especially for those who have just married, or planning to marry again; or pre-divorce planning to protect children and grandchildren

4. Working closely with testator/testatrix, executor/executrix and avoiding litigation, probate problems, and continually refining the estate of the client

5. We will let you sleep well at night

6. We will gently ‘nag’ to get your estate package in the best of shape

7. The value of your estate should be at least $350,000 and liquid (without including the marital residence) to be most cost effective

8. Come in for the most rewarding conference of your life, and a first-time initial conference fee of $350 for a general overview, which should not take more than one hour. We set aside time on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday for such conferences.

9. What else do you wish to review? Come in with your thoughts and ideas not reflected above. If you do not understand any of the above points, we will gladly explain and coordinate it with you

10. We will also review/help you to understand your risk tolerance

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